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Bridging mortgages on Curaçao

Bridging mortgages on Curaçao

Found your dream home on Curaçao but not sold your current home yet? A bridging mortgage helps you bridge the period between the purchase of your new home and the sale of your old home in Curaçao. Read more about this special mortgage type below: What is a bridging mortgage? A bridging mortgage bridges the […]

Should I apply for a mortgage on Curaçao?

Should I apply for a mortgage on Curaçao?

Do you want to take out a mortgage on Curaçao? Follow these 6 steps: 1- Study the purchase agreement carefully and sign it On Curaçao you also record the purchase of a house in a purchase contract. After signing, you still have 3 days to consider. If you include resolutive conditions in the contract, you […]