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Newly Built House in Grote Berg Curacao

  • 29 November, 2020
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Newly Built House in Grote Berg Curacao


Lead by a family living in the Netherlands, we started the new construction of their dream home in the Grote Berg residential area on Curacao in the 2nd week of November 2020. After purchasing the terrain, we set to work to get a sketch design on the table, that matches the wishes and budget of this customer. Through this sketch design, a construction project and budget has been drawn up, in which everything has been really thought through so that the customer is not faced with surprises. Based on the final design, we have made a construction and specification drawing, which is necessary when submitting a building permit in Curacao.

After receiving an approved building plan, construction can start.

Our client has opted for a traditionally built modern 3 bedroom house with a terrace on the roof.

Planning: turnkey delivery in 32 weeks


Week 1

A good start is half the work…. In week 1 we started applying for construction power and the water connection, these will be essential at a later stage. Ground improvements took place after the building site became suitable for construction. Dimensions were taken to get the house in the right place, these dimensions are not only the exact boundaries of the plot established, but they also precisely determine where the front, rear and side walls of the house will be placed. The cesspool has been dug and sealed with a concrete cover to which the drains of the house will later be connected.


Week 2

Once the correct dimensions have been determined, the real work can begin, which starts with pouring a foundation. For this house we have opted for a strip foundation. This type of foundation is usually used when building on a solid foundation. The strips, also called slabs of a strip foundation, are made of reinforced concrete. The concrete serves for the compressive forces and the reinforcing steel for the tensile forces. The walls of the house will be built on these reinforced foundation strips. The height and width of the strips are determined by probing (soil investigation) and the size of the building. A commonly used estimate for the width of the foundation strip is 2.5 to 3 times the width of the wall being built on it. Standard strip mats are often used for the reinforcement of the strip foundation. These are steel construction mats with cuttings on one short side. The cuttings ensure a good connection with the next strip mat. The standard length is 3580mm and the width is between 520mm and 1120mm. After filling the strips with concrete, the parts in between are filled with diabase, this is a kind of sand that consists of very hard grains of stone.


Week 3

The foundation of the foundation has been laid, the electrician and the plumber have been called in to make their preparations and drain pipes for water and steam are being installed. All pipes are in the right place and a steel mesh has been installed, so that the work floor can be placed. After a day or 2 drying, the installation of the inner and outer walls is started.



Week 4

Are you interested in the end result? Keep following this blog, we will post an update about this project every weekend!

Do you also want to design and build your own home? Then do that with us… .. inquire about the possibilities via adriaan@sunlife.realty

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