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Amazing Villa in Sunset Heights for sale


A purchase agent on Curacao will make the difference for you.

Together with the help of one of our purchase agents on Curacao, you will find the ideal house. During the viewings, you will be advised accordingly, so that you can make an informed choice. Our estate agents are technically well-versed, we immediately see what condition the house is in and whether there are other (technical) points for attention. In addition, we request all available information about the property in question from the selling broker and we can, if necessary, have a structural inspection carried out. We do this in order to enter the negotiations well prepared achieve the lowest possible purchase price and best conditions for you.

your purchase agent on Curacao advises you and provides an objective value indication, from viewing a property to handing over the keys!

The Facts:

  • 100% independent because your purchase agent on Curacao is specialized as such, and therefore only represents the interests of the buyer.
  • An office in a prime location on Curacao with more than 100 satisfied clients in the Caribbean.
  • The activities are based on ‘no cure no pay’. Costs are only payable for a successful purchase. Unlike many other offices, the assignment is not limited in time or number of viewings. So you are confident in a successful purchase.
  • Due to our technical background, we can already make a good estimate of the condition of the house from the start.
  • Your purchase agent on Curacao has more than 15 years of experience, so you are assured of a fantastic purchase.
  • We have a good relationship with all real estate agencies on Curacao. That can make the difference between a successful purchase and a huge disappointment.
  • We know the neighborhood where you want to live.
  • We are a specialized buying agency on Curacao with a 100% personal approach. We can switch very quickly and are always at your service.


Our office at Mambo Beach Blvd in Curacao

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Ik hoorde relatief slechte berichten over makelaars op Curacao (er is zelfs een speciale website over. Recent heb ik via Sunlife Real Estate een villa op Villapark Flamboyan aangekocht. Zij waren de verkoopmakelaar. Ik durf te beweren dat als Adriaan Smit (de makelaar en eigenaar van het kantoor) hier niet bij betrokken was de verkoop niet tot stand was gekomen. Buiten de snelheid waarop gereageerd werd, heb ik zelden tot nooit een dergelijke doortastende en plezierige aanpak van een makelaar meegemaakt. Een dikke pluim! Dank Adriaan voor je bijdrage en wij gaan zeker genieten van Villa Biba bo Sono.

Costs of a purchase agent on Curacao

In short: a competitive, fixed rate of NAF 5000, – including 6% O.B. Only with a successful purchase.

Your Purchase Broker at Sun Life Real estate in Curacao has no restrictions on the number of viewings or duration, unlike many other purchase brokers.

An average purchase broker usually uses a percentage of the purchase price as a rate. The result of this method is uncertainty about the total costs of a purchasing agent, which can certainly add up on the housing market on Curacao.
In addition, a compensation based on a percentage of the purchase price has an undesirable effect. As the purchase price increases, the fee to the purchase broker also increases. That doesn’t make sense.
your Sun Life Real Estate purchase broker removes this uncertainty by using one fixed rate.


  • Purchase price: NAF 500.000,-
  • Average purchase agent costs: NAF 6,050 (1% of the purchase price incl. O.B.)
  • Costs Sun Life Real Estate purchase agent: NAF 5000, –

By using a fixed fee, the interests run parallel. Both customer and purchase agent benefit from an efficient process with a positive result. Namely, buying the home for the lowest possible price. Clear and transparent, without unexpected costs afterwards.

Payment takes place upon legal delivery. In other words: once you become the owner of the property on Curacao and receive the keys.

An adjusted rate applies to home purchases above one million euros.
Feel free to ask for the conditions.

No cure no pay

If negotiation takes place, but no purchase is made or if you do not wish to enter into negotiations at all, you do not owe any expense allowance for the services provided by us.

Dissolution of the purchase agreement

If a purchase agreement has been concluded, but you ended up deciding to renounce the purchase on the basis of the three-day reflection period, an agreed resolutive condition or by renouncing the verbal purchase agreement, you do not owe any compensation for the services provided by your Sun Life Real Estate Purchase Agent.

Interested on a purchase agent on Curacao?

For more information you can of course contact us. We are also available by phone outside office hours and at weekends. We are happy to be of service.

Working method of a purchase agent of Sun Life Real Estate


Finding a house on Curacao is easy. After all, nowadays buyers have access to various useful media, such as woningaanbod.nl and various other international websites, which makes searching for the ideal home much easier. There are no longer any closed markets. After all, a seller requires from his broker that the property to be sold is preferably immediately visible on the internet. If the type of home you want is not listed, a search can be placed. You will then receive a notification as soon as a house that meets your wishes is put up for sale. Do you find something to your liking and would you like to schedule a first viewing? Then request our ‘checklist viewing’ for free.



For the second viewing you engage us as your buying agent on Curacao. We provide this second introduction to your (possibly) new home, together with you and the broker of the selling party. For this you can use the free purchase advice.

During and after this viewing, we will inform you free of charge and without obligation about our findings with regard to the state of maintenance and any defects. Your Curacao Purchasing Agent also gives a value indication of the home based on reference homes (recent, comparable transactions of comparable homes in the immediate vicinity). If you decide to purchase, we will have the property offered in consultation with you.



Your purchasing agent understands the art of negotiation like no other and goes for the lowest possible price and the best conditions. We request all available data from the selling broker (for example, data about ground lease, Owners Association,) and, if necessary, of course in consultation with you, have an architectural investigation carried out. After determining a negotiation strategy together, the negotiation process is started. You will be continuously informed of all developments in the meantime.

As soon as agreement has been reached between buyer and seller, an oral purchase agreement has been concluded. This has no legal force yet, but the terms of any reservations entered will now commence. Think of financing or a construction inspection. These should now also be activated. your Purchase broker on Curacao will arrange this for you.



Then it is time to draw up a written purchase agreement. All previously made agreements are (usually) recorded by a notary appointed by the buyer. These are the agreements that were extensively discussed during the negotiations and on the basis of which agreement was reached. Think of the purchase price, dates and any reservations. The purchase agreement is extensively discussed in advance and corrected by us where necessary. After that, you can proceed to signing and, provided it is not a business purchase, the three-day reflection period in (!).


As a rule, the buyer determines which civil-law notary is allowed to take care of the delivery of the purchased property. We can advise you on this.

Your purchase broker is involved as an advisor in the purchase of your home on Curacao. For that reason, we are not allowed to provide the valuation for financing. The appraisal must therefore be performed by a third party (independent broker / appraiser). However, we can transfer this to a fellow broker / appraiser at a competitive rate. In most cases, the valuation report is ready within three days.

Financing will be necessary for most buyers. It is advisable to obtain independent mortgage advice from a licensed mortgage adviser. Good advice not only talks about the costs, but also about the importance of the applicable conditions. your Curacao purchase broker provides tailor-made advice without any obligation.


It is very important to subject the property to a final inspection before signing the deed of delivery at the notary. This ensures that the house is in the same condition as at the time of purchase (read: during the viewing, if no further agreements have been made). We make this appointment and check the house together with you.


After the final inspection, the appointment follows to sign the notarial deed of transfer and possibly the mortgage deed. The deed of delivery is signed by you, the seller and the notary. We are present and check the deed of delivery and the bill of settlement.


You will receive the keys and are the new owner of the house.

Do you appreciate our advice or do you have any questions?