Buying a house on Curacao

15 augustus 2019

Buying a house on Curacao We take seven steps to purchase a home on Curacao. Below I explain exactly what this step-by-step plan entails and how I can guide you during this process. Step 1. Finding a suitable home Buying your own house on Curacao is exciting and fun, searching through various broker websites, local…

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How to hire a realtor in Curacao before looking at a home

25 maart 2019

They keep your best interests in mind. They have experience in Curacao, and can help you find a property that you might not have otherwise found. Not only that, but since Realtors’ commissions are typically paid by the sellers, finding an agent to help you buy a house won’t cost you a dime.   It’s pretty…

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  • Make Dutch Province from the Caribbean Islands?

    Sint Maarten, Curaçao and Aruba, which mainly live on tourists, have been hit hard by the corona crisis, leaving guests away and the economy collapsing. This crisis could possibly be used to turn the six islands in the West into a single province and thus link them more closely with the Netherlands, argues Arendo Joustra.…

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  • Hurricane season Curaçao

    Despite Curaçao being part of the Leeward Islands and is almost never really affected by hurricanes, it is important to annually prepare ourselves for the worst before the hurricane season. As homeowners on Curaçao, we naturally want nothing more than that our homes remain exactly the same before or after any storm or hurricane. We,…

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  • Vista Royal Curacao

    Do you want to live within walking distance to the beach of Jan Thiel and in a safe neighborhood? Then take a look at our purchase and rental offer in the Vista Royal District on Curacao Located in the Vista Royal residential area on Curacao, we offer various beautiful and very well maintained spacious villas…

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  • Hire a buyers agent in Curacao

    Should I Hire A Buyers Agent When Buying A Home? Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Buyers Agent When Buying A House Buying a house in Curacao is a very exciting time and one that buyers should prepare for.  Whether it’s preparing to get a mortgage or shopping for houses, making a mistake when buying a house…

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  • Purchase contract Curacao

    What does a purchase contract say and how do you draw it up? Are you out with the seller of your dream home on Curacao? Then it is time to put the agreements on paper, because an oral agreement between private individuals on Curacao is unfortunately not legally valid. And then you need a purchase…

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