A real estate agent on Curacao can help you find your dream property

29 juni 2019
real estate agent Curacao

Buying a house in Curacao is an important, exciting and a step forward in your life. searching for a dream home in Curacao can be a challenge due to, for example, your own busy schedule, the current housing market or insufficient know-how about the local real estate market.

real estate agent Curacao

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A real estate agent on Curacao can help you find your dream property at the right location without any problems and at the best conditions and price.

  • A purchase broker assists you with and advises on drawing up a wish list
  • A purchase broker is looking for, for example. determined wishes to suitable homes
  • A purchase broker arranges the viewings
  • A purchase broker determines the market value, marketability (tradability) and structural condition. If advisable, a purchase broker will arrange a structural inspection.
  • A purchase broker checks the legal aspects, Land Registry and the zoning plans
  • A purchase broker guides and takes care of the bidding and negotiation process, the price and transfer date and other special business conditions
  • A purchase broker takes care of the settlement: choice of a financial intermediary and the notary, checking the drawn-up purchase agreement, monitoring important data and any action points from the purchase agreement, supervising the inspection and notarial transfer

Even if the dream home has already been found, you can still use a real estate agent. Some things sometimes look better than they actually are. The selling broker only represents the interests of the selling party and tries to get the highest possible price for the property. It is then wise to have independent and honest advice. This not only saves you time and money, but also a lot of worries.
Sun Life Real Estate is happy to help you in your search for your future home on Curacao our agents have more than 10 years of experience as a purchase buying agent on our beautiful island of Curacao
During a free intake interview, we will discuss your requirements and wishes in more detail and advise you on the next steps to take before buying your home.

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