Air Conditioning on Curacao

6 april 2020

Maintenance of air conditioning on Curaçao
Like every appliance in your home or business, an air conditioner also needs to be serviced every now and then. By doing this, you not only ensure optimal functioning of the air conditioning, but also helps you keep the air in the room clean.
Why provide maintenance for an air conditioner on Curaçao?
Clogged filters
An air conditioner works with air flows. These airflows also bring everything from the outside air, such as dust, small grains of sand, and other small particles. Bacteria and small insects also find their way inside through the air conditioning. That is why all air conditioners have filters, as they stop the unwanted pollution. Nevertheless, these filters will slowly clog up over time and will not serve their purpose until they have been cleaned. In addition, the airflow will be reduced, causing the efficiency of your air conditioner to drop, as it is largely dependent on a smooth airflow.
Insufficient refrigerant
Gaseous substances such as coolant are also used and need to be supplemented or replaced from time to time. Other parts work in a vacuum or with compressed air and these parts should also checked and brought up to standard by the technician.
Blockages & leaks
Over time, pinches, congestion or leaks can also develop. Just think of a clogged drain through which the air conditioner leaks. These are not immediately visible but cause the air conditioning to malfunction. During an inspection, these defects will come to light, as the technician should be able to spot them.
Is preventive maintenance of an air conditioning on Curaçao wise?
If your air conditioner contains a lot of refrigerant (+3 kg), regular maintenance is very sensible.
Times to check air conditioner depending on amount of refrigerant:
+ 3 kg of coolant = 1x per year
+ 30 kg of coolant 3x = per year
+ 300 kg of coolant = 4x per year
What do you get in an air conditioning service in Curaçao?
With an air-conditioning service you have a basic check and a large check. On a basic check-up, the technician inspects all the part and replaces whatever is needed. During major check-up, parts such as coolant and filters are replaced too.
Air conditioning maintenance includes:
• Checking or replacing filters;
• Checking or replacing coolant;
• Check compressor;
• Checking and cleaning fans;
• Discussing if a maintenance contract for your air conditioning is necessary or not.
Taking a maintenance contract to check your air conditioning system is useful if you have a lot of separate air conditioners, an air conditioner with a lot of refrigerant or an air conditioner with high cooling capacity. If this is your case, maintenance that falls under a contract is a lot cheaper than having to arrange one whenever necessary.
How much does maintenance of an air conditioner cost?
The price of a maintenance for your air conditioner depends on a few factors:
• Travel expenses;
• Maintenance contract or not;
• Number of parts to be replaced; (coolant, filters, …)
• Number of indoor units and outdoor units;
• Air conditioning brand;
Tip: you can usually count on 150 NAF for a service per air conditioner. However, prices may vary. Therefore, always request a customized quote.
Does your air conditioning need maintainance or not?
Cleaning filters of your air conditioning is not that difficult, and you can do this perfectly yourself. If you do this (6 times a year) you can be sure that the air conditioning is working optimally all year round. This way you avoid pollution from sticking to the filters, making them less likely to be replaced and only require cleaning.

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