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23 februari 2020

Living on the Water  

What is more beautiful for water sports enthusiasts on an island like Curacao than staying on the water? Living on the water, of course! Are you a water sports enthusiast and are you looking for accommodation? Then living on a houseboat is an experience that you should definitely have experienced.
Worldwide, millions of people live on the water. Where one chooses to travel all over the world with a sailing boat, the other chooses to sail fixed routes and transport goods from A to B, but there are also helmsmen who have been anchored for years and continue to float in 1 place. .
If you were to ask the 100 inhabitants of the water why do you live on the water, then in 99 cases you will be the first to receive “freedom” as the answer. Living on the water creates a feeling of freedom, a permanent holiday feeling, being in constant contact with nature and a different view every day!
Where people used to live on the water to save on costs (out of poverty), nowadays they do so out of luxury! Living on the water is a lifestyle and not for everyone.
Would you like to get acquainted with this lifestyle or are you already a water lover then this is your chance and very affordable too.

Located on the Spanish Water in Curacao, we offer a tropical and very luxurious fully equipped houseboat for rent.

Rental prices from NAF 1500 per month with an annual agreement and increasing to NAF 2500 for a stay of four weeks and if available prices per night can be requested.

What do we offer?

A spacious 1 bedroom water villa of 60 M2 with private terrace on the water. This water house is equipped with all comforts including a luxury kitchen with built-in appliances, spacious bedroom with fitted wardrobes and sliding doors to the terrace on the water, luxury bathroom with walk-in shower, sink and free-hanging toilet, complete furniture package including sofa, 4-person dining table , 2 person hotel quality bed, flat screen TV, indoor and outdoor lighting, wireless alarm, internet and of course a cool hammock.

For enthusiasts, a 4 person dinghy with 10 HP engine can be rented for not too much money.

If you are interested in living on the water, please contact us directly for availability via
You can visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to have a look at our latest listings.

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