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4 juli 2018


Not every entrepreneur on Curacao makes a well-considered choice for a commercial property. For example, a financial setback can lead to a sudden move to a smaller business space.
while unexpected business growth can sometimes lead to a quick transition to a wider location. However, the location of a company on Curacao is extremely important and therefore it is wise to take the following considerations into account in your search for a new business location on Curacao


Depending on the type of company, it must be easily accessible for staff. The majority of the staff of companies on Curcao uses bus connections. If there is a bad bus connection, you can expect that the staff will regularly show up late or sometimes not at all, but just as important is good accessibility for the customers . Some clients or clients attach great value to personal contact and prefer to be able to visit quickly. A business location near arterial roads or your target group is therefore a great added value. Also look at the presence of sufficient parking facilities around the company building.

Corporate Identity

The identity of your company plays a decisive role in its appearance to the outside world. A business space must match the image of your company and represent the core values ​​that you use within the organization. Do you often work for large organizations with sky-high budgets? Then a luxurious business property in one of the better neighborhoods on Curacao is an excellent match. If you mainly work for SMEs or freelancers, you put more emphasis on functionality and ensure that you are close to an industrial area such as Zeelandia.


It is generally known that the budget is the most important factor for most entrepreneurs in Curacao, just like in the rest of the world, when choosing a particular business property. On Curacao, the location has the greatest influence on the price of a commercial property. A small building in Pietermaai can easily be 3 times more expensive than a much larger building in the Santa Maria district. What is a top location for one company may be a bad location for another, so make sure you know exactly where your customers are and make it as easy as possible for them to do business with you, 100 meters walk from the nearest parking lot is really too much trouble for most customers.

Do you opt for a business premises in a residential area or on an industrial site?

On Curacao it often happens that a former house is converted into a business space or office. You are usually in the middle of a residential area where parking is sometimes difficult and customers can sometimes find you difficult. The advantage of renting a unit in a multi-tenant building is that the facilities and amenities are generally excellent. There is usually fast internet, cleaning activities are usually included in the service costs and it is easy to make contact with colleagues from related sectors. If you do go for a commercial building in a residential area because you want to keep an office at home, for example, then preferably choose a clean neighborhood with little noise pollution.

Destination plan

What is a prime location on Curacao today may be the worst location in a few months. Before you purchase or rent a business property in Curacao, it is wise to do a good research into what exactly the future plans are of the government in your future neighborhood are roads being closed or constructed.

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