Buying your first home on Curacao?

3 juli 2019
woning kopen curacao

Here are 5 tips for when you are going to buy a house on Curacao:

Are you thinking about buying your first house on Curacao, but haven’t looked into it yet?
Nothing crazy about it because where do you start? To begin with, it can be challenging to find your perfect home on Curacao these days.
With these 5 tips we will help you with buying your first home.

The budget:

Before you start looking for your first home on Curacao, you must first make a budget.
Ask yourself some questions, examples of which could be:

  • What is my budget, how much exactly do I want to spend on my first home?
  • What do I want to spend the money on? A large bathroom or a large bedroom?
  • So I want a house that I can move into at once? Or a house that still needs work?

Additional financial options:

As a novice home buyer, you can often make use of a starter loan from the bank and, if possible, ask a family member for a gift or loan.

Saving energy on Curacao:

You can also take energy-saving measures in your new home, or save on water by, for example, taking a less hot shower and paying attention to leaving the tap open.
In Curacao water is almost 8 times more expensive than in the Netherlands.

Water price in the Netherlands:

This is around € 0.90 per cubic meter.

Water price Curacao:

This is around Naf 14 (€ 7.00) per M3.
Most houses on Curacao do not have a hot water supply and therefore on cloudy days or in the morning the shower is often very cold and if you take a shower in the afternoon or just after work a lot warmer. This is because most water pipes are above ground and when the sun has shone all day, the water is heated and you have a warmer shower.
Electricity prices are also significantly higher than in the Netherlands:

Electricity price in the Netherlands:

This is around € 0.22 per kWh (Kilo-Watt-Hour)

Electricity price Curacao:

This is around Naf 0.60 (€ 0.32) per kWh (Kilo-Watt-Hour)
You can also save on this, an example of this is turning off the air conditioning when you are not present at home, if you leave the air conditioning on, this is wasted money!
You can of course save in many more ways, but these are the two most important ones that you can control yourself.

Use home value as a starting point when making your offer:

After hours, days and maybe even months, you have finally found your ideal home and you are ready to make your first offer, then use the home value as a starting point, since nowadays you cannot borrow more than the home value.
You have several factors that you need to include in your bid. Think of the variable costs, the monthly payments that you will receive and of course your maximum mortgage.

Open House Day:

The more fun part of your search for your ideal home.
This is the best time to list all your favorites and visit them all on the same day, this also ensures that all the houses are still fresh on your retinas and therefore you can make the best choice. What will your house be now?
What might be useful is to hire a purchase broker, because of his or her knowledge and expertise, this can save you a lot of worry.

Preparing to settle the mortgage:

The very last and certainly the most important of all. Preparing to settle the mortgage.
This takes quite some time, usually 3 to 4 weeks.
Make sure you have all the papers in order so that everything can be arranged immediately, because if some papers are missing, it will cause a delay in the process.
I hope to have helped you enough with this blog so that you can enjoy your first real home on Curacao!

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