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4 juli 2018

MOVING to another COMPANY SPACE on Curacao

Have you found an ideal business space through Sun Life Real Estate? Congratulations! Now you undoubtedly want to move as soon as possible. That is of course a good goal, but there are a number of things that you should take into account in advance. This way you can be sure that the move to your new business premises will go smoothly and that you will not be faced with unexpected surprises.

What are the main points of attention when moving house?

Before you move into your new business space, it is very wise to first carry out an inventory. What are the things you want to take with you first and that absolutely must not be damaged during transport? Which items will be eligible for replacement in the foreseeable future and are therefore a shame to transport at all?
Make a list of your priorities before, during and after the move. In practice, it appears that important documents and archives are seen by most companies as the most important thing so as not to get lost or damaged during the move. Also expensive office furniture must logically withstand the transport unscathed.

What practical matters do you need to take into account?

Before you actually start the move, it is necessary to carefully consider all practical matters. How will you furnish the new building and which furniture will or will not go with you to the new location. If the purchase of new furniture turns out to be necessary, get started on this in time, on curacao there can sometimes be long delivery times for certain items. If you have a large company with different departments, it is wiser to have the move take place in stages. For example, not all work processes stop at the same time during the move and customers hardly notice anything. Within each department, also discuss who will take on which task deduring the move, so that everything runs smoothly.

Do it yourself or have it relocated to new business space?

Before you move all your company property, we advise you to carefully consider whether you want to do the removal yourself or whether you prefer to have it handled by a professional party. Experience shows that small-scale companies often manage a relocation perfectly well themselves, while the complexity is simply too great for a larger company.
There are a number of removal companies on Curacao that specialize in business removals. These companies not only transport your household effects, but, if desired, also provide various assembly and installation work at the new business location. If you want to worry about the move as little as possible, then this is an excellent option. On Curacao there are also many people who offer transportation for a fee, most of them do this to generate extra income and are often inexperienced and not even insured for their activities, their advertisements can often be found in newspapers and on facebook but ask yourself whether it is wise in your situation to have this carried out by a recognized company or by someone who drives up with an old pickup. An official company always first comes by to discuss exactly what the wishes are and carefully examines the situation and then makes a quotation.

Mambo BLVD 38-A, Curacao

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