Emigrating to Curacao

3 juli 2019

Ever been curious about living or are already looking for a house on Curaçao? These are 10 nice things about Curaçao and also the reason for many people to emigrate to Curaçao.


It is also logical that the weather is a major factor that causes people to emigrate to Curaçao. The weather is always nice here and the temperature is around 30 degrees all year round!
In the rainy season on Curaçao it is still the same temperature and you don’t have to wrap up in warm clothes! It is only rainy for a while, but this has quickly dried up by the sun, which immediately shines again.
The weather is therefore a very big factor for the people who emigrate to Curaçao.

The largest island

Curaçao is the largest island of the Netherlands Antilles, compared to islands such as: Bonaire or Sint Maarten. This does not make much difference in comparison with the surface of the island, but more with the sights, the special and beautiful places and especially the facilities that Curaçao has in relation to Bonaire and Sint Maarten. There is much more employment on Curaçao compared to the rest of the Caribbean and it is all just that little bit better.

The language

It is also very easy to communicate with the people on the island because almost everyone in Curaçao is multilingual, they can often speak Papiamento, Dutch, English and Spanish. So if you can’t figure it out with the Dutch language, you can always try it in Spanish or English. If you are going to emigrate to Curaçao, I definitely recommend that you start learning the Papiamento language beforehand. This is highly appreciated by the “Locals” on Curaçao and it’s just that much easier if you don’t get out every now and then!

The atmosphere

The atmosphere on Curaçao is very chill and relaxed. You will continue to have that holiday feeling every day, even on weekdays. This is due to the nice sun, the beaches and especially “The island feeling”! This is all over the island so everything is nice and quiet here, as the “Locals” say Poko Poko!

The beaches

The beaches on Curaçao are very beautiful, not all touristy and very different. You have beaches of hundreds of meters long, but also beaches of 20 meters. If you like a nice busy and touristy beach you should lie on Mambo Beach and you are more of the peace and a not too busy beach you have plenty of beautiful beaches in Banda Abou
You can rent a sunbed on almost all beaches, otherwise you can just put down your towel and lie on the soft sand.
If you want to take the dog with you and turn on the BBQ, I definitely recommend going to Santa Martha, you park your car on the beach, throw your dogs and the BBQ on the beach and you can enjoy the sun all day!
If you are at Westpunt around 4 o’clock, there is a very good chance that you can swim with turtles, you have always wanted to do this!
There are more than 35 beaches on Curacao, there is always a beach where you feel completely yourself and enjoy, is emigrating to Curacao not something for you? I’ve already got it ahead of me.

Quality of life

The quality of life on Curacao is generally very good. Curacao is one of the most developed island of the Caribbean. How you live in Curacao can be compared to life in the Netherlands to a certain extent, but there are a number of things that are different here, such as the breaks during working hours. It is common here to have an afternoon break of an hour increasing to 2 hours, this varies per company. It is therefore busy on the road between 12:00 and 14:00, so keep this in mind. So do your shopping before work or after work.
Do assume that the groceries are on the expensive side compared to the Netherlands because it all has to be imported, except for the Amstel Brightjes!
Furthermore, you have almost all products that you have in the Netherlands, also on Curacao, only you occasionally have to miss that one product. But it’s all worth it to emigrate to Curacao

Laws and rules

Of course there are also laws and rules on Curacao, although they are often taken with a grain of salt or overlooked here.
On the one hand, of course, very nice for yourself and your wallet, but this can also work to your disadvantage if you are the one who needs to be helped.
Examples of this are, for example, fines, which you do not get that quickly here on Curacao, you must have done something very bad and/or remarkable if you want to be fined.

Virtually no crowds

The crowds are also an irritation that you often have in the Netherlands, so don’t stop by the Albert Heijn because yes during dinner time it is simply busy in the supermarkets.
On Curacao you will not be bothered by this at all, it is rare that you skip that one message or shop because of the crowds.
There are a number of days in the year that it is a bit busier than usual, these are days like King’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Christmas. But this is usually on special and public holidays in every country.

The island of Curacao itself: Parties, fun and food and drink options.

Emigrating to Curacao is of course a very nice and fun adventure, with everything arranged before the arrival on Curacao we can of course not escape the parties, the fun and all the food and drink options on Curacao.


Monday is the day of rest, enjoy the afterglow of the nice weekend.
You can do this, for example, on the Nieuwestraat at Miles Jazz Café, sit down at the bar and grab a game from the closet and enjoy a quiet evening on Curacao.


Bar 27, at 21:00 everyone (especially students) comes together to buy a red cup for 15 guilders and enjoy as many drinks as you want for an hour.
After this you can still work on your dance moves for an hour or two.

Wednesday :

Be ready at 10pm at Madero Ocean Club to enjoy the Happy Hour song and enjoy two drinks for the price of one for an hour!
After a few drinks on to Cabana Beach where every Wednesday a different artist plays his best lyrics and tunes!
There are often well-known artists on Cabana Beach, in recent months artists such as La Fuente, Boef, Kraantje Pappie and Dave Roelvink have come by.
The fame of the artists ensures that it will be even busier and cozier on Wednesday!

Thursday :

Cafe de Tijd has a happy hour every Thursday and ensures that there are always fun and funny games ready to offer customers a fun and, above all, pleasant evening.
They are also known for having delicious spare ribs and people from all over Curacao come to eat them!


Friday is your day! You have a very large choice of different super fun parties. To kick off the weekend with a Friday afternoon drink, you have to be at CHILL, on the beach with your bare feet watching the sunset with your friends and of course an Amstel Bright in your hand! Surely this is the best thing there is to start your weekend.
Then after a few drinks you can choose between Wet & Wild, and a number of frequently recurring parties, for example Nachtwerk, where famous artists often come along to give a show.
Once a month you have a FULLMOON Party at Kokomo beach with always a fireworks show that everyone enjoys!


After having spent the whole day on Jan Thiel Beach, you have a happy hour at 5 o’clock at Zanzibar, almost all drinks for half the price!
Enjoying the nice sunny day you had with a cooling drink in your hand

Sunday :

On Sunday Wet & Wild even has two happy hours, and this is the party you have to be at on Sunday, where people opt for a quiet day on Sunday before the work week starts again, many people come to this party anyway Sunday which also goes on until the late hours.
And the biggest party of the year that everyone looks forward to all year round, yes that can’t be any other party than FUIK Dag.
Here hundreds of boats come together in the Fuikbaai to throw the most spectacular party of the year on the first Sunday of the year!
There is always something to do on Curacao, it never gets boring here!

Far away from the Netherlands, but still close by!

If you want to leave the Netherlands yourself, but then again you don’t, Curacao is the perfect place for a new challenge.
The advantage is that it is always nice and warm, but also has Dutch roots. Dutch radio stations, the Dutch language but also a lot of products that you have in Dutch supermarkets can also be bought in Curacao. Think of chocolate sprinkles, peanut butter, Nutella and even those delicious Dutch pancakes are available in the supermarkets here! Pepernoten during Sinterklaas and oliebollen with old and new, but as if that’s not all, Curacao is also completely Orange on King’s Day!
Now that you’ve read this, I’m sure you’re convinced! Will I see you enjoying Curacao soon?


Are you already emigrating to Curacao and still looking for a place to stay?

For more information about the subject or questions about arranging a suitable living space on Curacao, you can always send an email to: adriaan@sunlife.realty

You can also visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to have a look at our latest listings.


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