Finding your dream home on Curacao

22 juli 2019
makelaar curacao

Tips for finding the home of travel dreams in Curaçao

You can easily search for your dream home on Curacao yourself. You choose a house in the first instance on the basis of feeling. After that, you have to make a rational decision as to whether the home is really the right home for you. Are you still looking for your dream home on Curacao? Then read the 10 tips below before buying a house.
You may know it. You are looking for your next home on Curacao, but you don’t really know what to look out for. There are many things to consider when buying a house. That is why we have listed the ten useful tips for you!

Tip 1: Buy a house within your financial possibilities

Know your financial options before starting your home search. If you know in advance how much you can share, you can focus on the ideal home within your budget. This disappoints afterwards and unnecessarily heavy mortgage payments.

Tip 2: Always view multiple houses

Always view multiple homes before making a choice. Also check out properties that are probably not your first choice. It is always good to look at various housing types in your price range. This way you can compare the houses well with each other and you can be sure that you are making the right choice.

Tip 3: Buy the house you want

Make a list of your housing requirements and your requirements. Put these in order of importance. You can use the list after a viewing as a handy checklist. For example: garden and veranda on the east, presence of a garage, swimming pool or not, primary school within walking distance, etc.

Tip 4: Make a search for your future home

Place a search with your broker based on your housing requirements. This way you will receive new offers that meet your search criteria daily via e-mail or Whatsapp.

Tip 5: Research the possibilities of the house you want to buy

Leave on the possibilities that the home offers. Do not only take your current situation into account, but also future plans. Consider, for example, the possibility of realizing an extension or extension.

Tip 6: Explore the neighborhood

Exploring the neighborhood is also very important. In the evening, drive past your dream home to check the parking conditions and any nuisance caused by young people hanging around or a main road.

Tip 7: Schedule a second viewing

Always take a second look at the house, preferably at a different time. The house can just be less attractive if the incidence of light is very different. You will also see more details at the 2nd viewing than during the 1st viewing.

Tip 8: Keep your cool while looking for your dream home

Buying a house is an emotional process. We often become emotionally involved with a house before we can make a rational decision. Of course, it is important to let your emotions play a role in your home search, but be aware of possible thinking errors that could lead to a bad buy.

Tip 9: Follow your dream home through the broker

Once you have found your dream home, ask the selling broker to keep you informed of recent developments, so that you have the opportunity to investigate and engage your buying broker. This way you do not run the risk that the house sold is.

Tip 10: Purchase helpline – free advice from a purchase broker on Curacao

Do you have a question about buying a house on Curacao? For example, would you like to know how the value of a house is determined or advice on negotiating? Then call in your own purchase broker. A purchase broker represents your interests and not those of the seller.

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