Homes in Mahaai Damacor & van Engelen

20 juli 2019

Pros and cons of living in a central area such as Mahaai and Damacor and van Engelen

Anyone looking for a home on Curacao, whether it is to buy or rent, first asks themselves the question: ‘In which area do I want to live?’ or ‘where do I not want to live?’. However, if you are still unfamiliar with the island, I will gladly help you through this process. A number of factors play a big role in choosing the neighborhood where you want to live or not. The work place or school of the children is an important factor, but emotion can also be an important factor because you may want to live in the neighborhood where you grew up. In short, enough questions to be able to provide answers yourself.
If you choose the Mahaai, van Engelen, Damacor, Rooi Catootje or Gaito areas, we can assume that you would like to live centrally. From these neighborhoods you are within a few minutes by car to most schools, large companies and offices and shops. This is a great advantage over the Jan Thiel, Brakkeput or Jan Sofat areas
Another advantage is that the neighborhoods Mahaai, Damacor, van Engelen, Rooi Catootje and Gaito are the old well-off neighborhoods of Curacao, the lots are usually very spacious and the houses are mainly built in 60s and 70s style, which creates a special atmosphere. When you are looking for a modern home in one of these neighborhoods, it can sometimes be quite a challenge to find it, your real estate agent can help you with that, he is usually aware of the available properties that are available or will soon become available.  However, a disadvantage of the somewhat older homes, despite being renovated, is that they usually require more maintenance than newer constructions.
The prices for a rental home in one of the aforementioned areas usually vary between NAF 2000 for a simple home to NAF 7500 per month for a luxury home. If you are looking for an owner-occupied home, you can count on prices between NAF 450,000 for a simple home and NAF 1,200,000 for a luxury home.

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