House with sea view for sale on Curacao

25 juli 2019

A dream villa with great ocean views

The number of Dutch people who inquired about a second home with sea view on Curacao has increased by no less than 25 percent in recent months. The prices for a house or condo with sea view on Curacao are very strong, depending on which part and in which neighborhood you want to buy a condo or house, the prices can differ up to 200 percent based on the same number of square meters of floor space. For example, the sales prices above the bridge, also called pariba, are much higher than pabou di bridge, also called under the bridge. Popular areas above the bridge are Jan Thiel, Brakkeput Abou, Sea aquarium area and pietermaai. Investing in these neighborhoods in a house or condo with a sea view is a safe investment. A house with a sea view always retains value and is generally sold quickly.
Apartments and houses with sea view on Curacao offer the most security because there is also the most demand for this, there are also disadvantages to a house with sea view. If the house is located too close to the sea, it is important to take into account much higher maintenance costs than an equal house in the interior. The salty sea air means that paintwork is necessary almost every year, but do not underestimate the wear and tear of air conditioning units and hinges and locks, these costs can add up considerably.


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