How to hire a realtor in Curacao before looking at a home

25 maart 2019

They keep your best interests in mind. They have experience in Curacao, and can help you find a property that you might not have otherwise found. Not only that, but since Realtors’ commissions are typically paid by the sellers, finding an agent to help you buy a house won’t cost you a dime.
It’s pretty clear to see why you need an agent before buying a house in Curacao, but today we’re backing it up a step further. We’re here to tell you that even before you look at a house, even before you tour the place, you need a real estate agent. Here’s how to make that happen.
If you See the agent’s number on the “For Sale” sign? Don’t call it!
We’ve all seen those signs outside of houses all over Curacao with a Realtor’s head-shot and phone number. But as a buyer, that’s not the number you want to call. That number is for the listing agent, the agent that has the seller’s best interests in mind.
It might not be a big deal, but do you really want to work with someone who doesn’t have your best interests as their top priority? You want to hire a buyer’s agent to help you find your dream home.
Put your needs first (and stick to them).
Far too often in the real estate game, we see buyers choosing agents as a favor to someone else. This can quickly end up working unfavorably for the buyers. Your sister’s friend might work out great, but if you get the sense that she’s not the right fit, it’s OK to find someone else. Your 65-year-old Realtor neighbor might be a lovely person, but not your first choice as an agent if you want to communicate via FaceTime or WhatsApp and they lack that technical knowledge.
Buying a house in Curacao is possibly one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. While doing favors for others is a nice gesture, finding the right agent for you is truly the biggest favor you can give yourself. Trust that you deserve it!
Just like trying to find the right outfit for a wedding, you want a seller’s or buyer’s agent who’s a good fit. Here are some considerations to help you put your Realtor needs first:

  • First time buying?Talk with someone you know and trust who’s worked with a Realtor to buy a house. Find out what they liked, disliked, and what (if anything) they’d do differently.
  • Know your schedule.A lot of agents in Curacao do real estate work part-time, usually working another job elsewhere. As you’re looking for agents, make sure you find someone who can meet on your schedule.
  • Make a list of priorities.Is experience more important to you, or are you fine with someone with less experience who’s a hard worker? What do you want communication to look like? Keep this list with you as you’re finding a Realtor.
  • Find someone in the area.Wherever you’re looking to buy, it’s critical to find an agent with knowledge in that specific location.

As soon as you’re ready to look at houses, it’s time to act.
Houses in a lot of places of Curacao go fast. If you wait until you find a house you love in a highly desirable area and then reach out to an agent, it’s almost a guarantee that the house will go to someone else. Finding an agent beforehand expedites the process.
When you go to a Realtor first and then look at houses, they’ll already have administrative stuff on file (such as a buyer agency agreement and proof of loan pre-approval). This puts you on the fast track to see the property — the sellers know you’re serious.
And, bonus, your agent will know your schedule and is on the lookout for great houses for you. Having a second set of eyes helps you find a house faster. You might even find a dream house that you otherwise wouldn’t have spotted through searching on your own.
If you’re in this stage and the time to act is now, work with Sun Life Real Estate to purchase your dream home! We have a network of highly qualified Realtors you can rely on. Best of luck in finding your perfect house!

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