Jan Sofat Curacao

6 juli 2019
Makelaar Curacao

Have you always wanted to live in Jan Sofat? Now is your chance!

At villa park Jan Sofat in Curaca,o we offer this beautiful and very well maintained, fully furnished and spacious 4 bedroom villa with private pool for rent.

Layout of the villa

Through an electric gate you have access to the driveway of the house where you can easily park 2 cars.Next you walk through the main entrance, and walk past the guest room with private bathroom. In the living room, behind the spacious living room, you will find the half open and fully equipped kitchen with an exit which leads to the back of the house. From here, you have direct access to a large covered terrace and private swimming pool, where you can relax and enjoy the colorful tropical landscaped garden.
On the first floor, there is one master bedroom with private balcony and en-suite bathroom. There are two other bedrooms which share a bathroom. Moreover, there is a guest toilet downstairs and a laundry room equipped with washing machine and dryer. You will most definitely not be short of space in this villa.

The rental price is NAF 5000 per month, and includes resort fees and garden and pool maintenance. The costs for water, electricity, cable TV and internet are exclusive and must be paid separately each month. This house can be rented furnished or unfurnished.

Interested in this Villa?

To contact us you can call/app +5999 6862994 or simply click here, fill up the form, and we will give you a call!

You can also visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to have a look at our latest listings.

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