Land Registry Curacao

3 juli 2017

Land registry on Curacao

The Kadaster Curacao registers real estate and geographical information that ensures that legal certainty is safeguarded. In other words, what belongs to whom and where are the boundaries?
The data of the land registry is public. Whether you want to know whether your fence is on the border, or what the best route is for the construction of a new road. Data from the Land Registry helps in making choices. And when they give you legal certainty, you can even build your existence on them. A home of your own can be used as collateral for a loan to start a business. Real estate data is the basis for economic progress. All this obliges the Land Registry to handle data with care.

What does the land registry do?

Land registry services on Curacao:

  1. Granting access
  2. Issue of an extract from the parcel cadastral register
  3. Provide certificates of ownership or encumbrance of real estate
  4. Starting from a reproduction of a cadastral map
  5. Provision of a copy or photocopy of an officially formed certificate of measurement



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