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25 juli 2019

Emmastad Curacao, a safe and centrally located neighborhood

Location of the neighborhood Emmastad Curacao

The Emmastad district is bordered in the north by the Rio Canario, Amerikanenkamp and Gaito neighborhoods. In the South, the district borders the Isla oil refinery. Do not be immediately put off by this. Emmastad is one of the greenest areas on the island and has a wooded environment. This is because the wind is favorable to the De district on the Schottegatweg, the ring road that goes around Willemstad. The center of Willemstad is 10 minutes away.

Facilities near Emmastad

The facilities make the Emmastad area a very attractive to live in. It is about the sportiest area on the island. This is mainly due to the many recreational options that can be found there. There is a golf course and one of the largest squash centers on the island. In addition, there are other sports fields to play tennis or football, among other activities. These facilities were once set up to offer Shell staff sufficient relaxation in addition to working hours. The sports fields are still maintained to this day.
The nearest supermarket is Mangusa Supermarket. This is located opposite, on the other side of the Schottegat road. Here you can do your daily shopping. There is also a post office, mini markets, medical centers, pharmacies and a petrol station within a stone’s throw.

Schools near Emmastad Curacao

The International School of Curaçao is located in Emmastad. Education is given in English. ISC provides both primary and secondary education.
The local school Marnix college is also located in the immediate vicinity. This is a Dutch-language school. The Marnix college also provides both primary and secondary education.

Living in Emmastad Curacao

Emmastad is a spacious and well-organized neighborhood. All streets are connected to each other and like a real working-class neighborhood everything is divided into blocks and rows. The streets run parallel to each other and are surrounded by one large ring road. It is a quiet area. This is also a popular neighborhood due to the surrounding presence of facilities such as sports clubs and schools. The houses in Emmastad are generally spacious tropical houses on large plots that were built from the 1950s onwards.

The History of Emmastad

Just like the Julianadorp district, Emmastad is also a residential area that was founded by the oil company Shell, the company that established itself on the island in 1915. Julianadorp initially served as a Shell district, but after it was full, the company started building Emmastad. The district was specifically intended for executives and senior employees of the oil company. That is why the district is mainly full of luxurious villas, spacious houses and gardens.


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