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17 juli 2019

Do you want to sell your home on Curacao?

You don’t do that every day, which is why it is even more exciting! We often get the question how you really make your home on Curacao ready for sale and when the house is perfectly presented for the photo shoot. This remains a tricky point. We are therefore happy to help you and have a number of tips for you below!
The first impression of potential buyers who come to have a look is decisive, so it is very important that the property is optimally presented in the photos and video.

The overall appearance of the house

The appearance of both, iniside and outside plays a very important role. Therefore, remove the garbage cans, bicycles from the path, sweep the street and remove the weeds and greenery as much as possible. water the plants again and if necessary mow the grass so that it looks fresh and tidy again.
If you have a parking space on your own property: get your car away! Preferably as few cars as possible in front of the house, this obstructs the view of your house (and that while you have done your best).
If everything is fine outside, we can move on to the inside. In Curacao most homes do not have a hall, but if you do, make sure that there are no boxes and other items blocking the path. This is because there should be as little distraction as possible for the viewers, and there should be no ‘ obstacles’  to look at. Otherwise, all the clutter and mess would grab the attention of the viewer, instead of the house itself. We do not mean to say that you literally have to take everything away, after all, the house is lived and should also radiate this quality of life. This makes the house harmonious and cozy again. But know the limit!
The toilet may be as empty as possible, toilet rolls, cleaning brush and chlorine or other cleaning products must be out of sight. Toilet seat down!

Living room

The living room, one of the most important points of a home. Clean up as much stuff as possible that is not important! Think of remote controls, bags, shoes, mail etc. etc.
Also make sure that there are not too many things in the room, it is better to place 1 nice, somewhat larger object on the table than all kinds of small items. A fruit basket with a fresh pineapple always works well!
Also do not overfill the windowsills and the window decoration nice and open and / or up. People must be able to see outside. Firstly, this looks more spacious, secondly, the garden is nicely involved in the room and thirdly, there is a lot of extra light in the house.


As for the kitchen, get as many “loose” items off the counter as possible here. Tea and towels can go away, make kitchen utensils racks emptier and very important: no magnets with drawings etc. on the fridge! The kitchen must be tidy and above all hygienic. A fruit bowl is always good to brighten up the kitchen!


The bedrooms, in fact, simply provide a hotel appearance here: clean, tidy and fresh. No clothes lying around on chairs, bathrobes, shoes / slippers, everything can be removed. Make the bed neat and as tight as possible, add extra pillows if necessary or put a bedspread over the bed.
In children’s rooms, the toys prefer to be tidy as neatly as possible.


It is also nice to recreate that hotel appearance in the bathroom. Remove shampoo and other care products from the bath rim or shower, toothbrushes from the sink and mats may be removed. If you have a shower curtain, this can also be removed so that there is as little distraction as possible and the room is presented as well as possible. Laundry basket can be removed, or make sure it is empty or closed. In any case, the laundry should not be visible. The bathroom can be brightened up again with a towel over the bath rim, for example.


In fact, the same applies to the backyard as the front garden / view of the house. in Curacao, the weather is always nice and it is extra cozy when the cushions are in the garden sets. If possible take an extra photo with the sunshade off.

If you have any questions or would like additional tips, please do not hesitate to contact us!
In any case, we wish you a lot of success with preparing your home for sale !!

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