New Resort Scherpenheuvel Curacao

5 september 2020

In January 2020, the construction of the very centrally located Scherpenheuvel Resort has started, which is well breezy. Scherpenheuvel resort is a fully walled residential environment consisting of 36 luxurious detached villas and apartments finished to European standards. All villas are built in the same style, but each has its own unique appearance due to its location or adaptation carried out on request. Scherpenheuvel resort is not only known for its central location and its high-quality finished homes, but the resort will be provided with a beautifully landscaped communal access road to all homes, a stately electronically controlled entrance gate, many mature palm trees and various green areas.
This new-build project will be built in 2 phases and phase 1 will be completed in mid-March 2021
The homes at the Scherpenheuvel Resort are not only suitable for private occupation, but can also serve as an excellent investment for the future. Investing at Scherpenheuvel Resort means the next 10 – 15 years of carefree renting because centrally located and high-quality finished homes on Curacao are difficult to find and are rented out in no time to expats such as employees of defense, accountants offices and hospital staff.


Apartments: from NAF 275,000
Villas: from NAF 375,000

Are you interested in this project and are you curious about the possibilities that fall within your budget, please contact us directly via email or whatsapp to +59996862994

This new-build project will be built in 2 phases and phase 1 will be completed in mid-March 2021
You can visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to have a look at our latest listings.

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