Pricing on land in Curacao

7 juli 2019

Land prices on Curacao

Land prices on Curacao have risen enormously in recent years, where, for example, in the popular neighborhoods of Jan Thiel and Brakkeput about 5 years ago, people could purchase for NAF 100 per square meter, depending on the location, the prices sometimes increased to NAF 250 per square meters for a simple plot up to NAF 1500 per square meter with a favorable location. The gigantic price increase is caused in most neighborhoods by market forces, the more attractive the neighborhood, the more people want to move there and look for a house or plot because there is no more room for new allotment plans in most Popular areas. the existing lot are sold out. Speculators who bought cheaply 5 or more years ago are now making their move and sometimes asking 5 times their purchase price. The reason that these plots of land are also being sold for these high prices is that it is expected that the prices in the coming years will be true to a lesser extent, but will still continue to rise, in addition, the location is very important for the value of a home. At a top location on Curacao, a house can be 3 times as expensive as the same house a few kilometers away.
Price rises not only in the Popular Jan Thiel but also in the city center a small piece of land or ruin that could not even be sold 10 years ago has now become unaffordable.
The owners of commercial plots of land that are still available on Curacao have also woken up in the meantime. The prices of visibility and high traffic locations are now also rising to 1500 NAF per square meter. Houses are being bought up to be subsequently demolished and to make way for commercial purposes.
Is it wise, as an investor, to buy land as an investment at this time? The answer to this question can I answer me YES! Top locations always retain their value and in case you want to cash them, they are sold quickly. With foresight and a little common sense, you can still find locations that will rise sharply in the coming years.
If you are interested in buying a piece of land on Curacao to build your home there or would you like to purchase land as an investment, I would be happy to assist you in making the right decision.

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