Renting a furnished property on Curacao

9 juli 2019

Furnished or unfurnished?

You often see it in the various advertisements of estate agents on Curacao and in the newspapers advertisements of private individuals who try to rent out their home on Curacao themselves. A home is sometimes offered furnished, unfurnished or semi-furnished. For many home seekers it is often unclear what exactly the difference is and where the boundary lies.

Properties of a furnished house

If a rental home is rented out as a furnished home, you can assume that you can move into the home so that you only have to bring your personal belongings and you do not have to worry about curtains, beds, refrigerator, cupboards, etc. kitchen utensils, television and lighting.

Advantages furnished house

Of course renting a furnished rental home on Curacao has its advantages. Many things and supplies are already present, which can be a major financial advantage because you do not suddenly have to invest a considerable amount before you can enjoy the home. This is especially ideal for new or temporary residents on Curacao. For example, if you come to live and work on Curacao as an expat for 2 years, it is quite a hassle to have your furniture shipped over and imported. If you are new to the island, you always run the chance that life on curacao is not as you imagined and it is easier to leave Curaçao with a furnished rental home without having to think about what you will do with all that furniture. that you would otherwise have purchased. The disadvantage is that the home is usually never completely furnished to your taste

Would you like to rent a furnished home?

On our website you will find a wide range of furnished homes on Curacao. Click on furnished homes for the complete overview of Sun Life Real Estate and immediately find the furnished rental home that meets all your wishes and requirements.
Frequently asked questions for furnished rental properties on Curacao:
We have of course listed the most frequently asked questions about renting a furnished apartment in Curacao with the answer.

  • What is the difference between a fully furnished and semi-furnished home?

Furnished houses also include small kitchenware, linen and furniture. These are usually missing in semi-furnished houses.

  • What exactly does furnished entail?

Furnished means that in addition to floor finishes, window decoration, lighting and kitchen utensils, the house also has linen, washing machine, furniture and small kitchen utensils.

  • Is the rent always higher for a furnished house than for unfurnished or bare houses?

Normally, a furnished home on Curacao is slightly more expensive than a bare or semi-furnished home. There are more facilities available and you can move in right away. The landlord usually charges a little more rent for this.

  • Are the costs for water, electricity and internet including the rent for a furnished house?

in most cases, water and electricity are exclusive and the monthly costs for internet differ per owner.


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