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22 augustus 2019
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Selling your home on Curacao: Sun Life Real Estate can help you through the entire sales process

In a popular area such as Jan Thiel, Brakkeput, Mahaai, Girouette, Damacor, and in the vicinity of Mambo Beach, it is quite easy to sell your home. Demand is high and supply is limited. Finding a buyer is therefore no problem. But how do you know for sure that you really achieve the highest price and that you have everything properly arranged legally?

  • Where a real estate agent can help you with the sale of your house
  • A thorough inspection and realistic valuation of your home on Curacao
  • Professional marketing of your home: (360-degree) photos, videos and advertisements at home and abroad
  • Determining the perfect sales strategy
  • Approaching home seekers through the large network of Sun Life Real Estate
  • Negotiating with potential buyers, with the highest possible selling price at stake
  • Handling of administrative and legal matters

Frequently asked questions from home sellers on Curacao

Can I determine the asking price of my house in Curacao myself?

If you want to determine the asking price of your home yourself, you have to take a number of factors into account. For example, the location, the ground surface, the layout and the finish of the home influence the value of your home. Do you have a balcony or a roof terrace with a view and is the house located on the wind? You must also include these details in the calculation. You can conduct a neighborhood survey to get a better idea of ​​a realistic sales price. Search for comparable houses that have recently been sold on Curacao. Via the land register you can find out what sales proceeds have been realized for these houses.
Although you can estimate the possible selling price of your home on Curacao yourself, it is advisable to have your home appraised by a professional broker or appraiser. Then you can be sure that you will receive expert advice, based on the correct data.

How do I ensure a perfect home presentation

The first impression is very important. Therefore, make sure you use the right presentation tools. We only work with professional photographers. For example, we know from research that home presentations with blue skies are viewed more often, of course we respond to that fact. Especially on Curacao, photos of the view are very important, supported with a good sales text.

Can I also take a broker or trial?

Are you unsure whether you need a real estate agent for the sale of your house on Curacao? You can try Sun Life Real Estate for free for three months.

Selling tips: you should pay attention to this when selling your house

Pay attention to the details of your home

You look at your own house differently than at someone else’s. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer and think about what he sees when viewing your photos online or what he finds during a viewing. Therefore, take a good look around and make sure you get rid of any loose wires and give the walls a lick of paint if necessary.
Is the bathroom door squeaking or jamming? Are some of the scions torn or are they loose? Does all illuminate? While replacing or repairing it will initially cost you money, it pays to address these imperfections. Even if they seem meaningless chores – together they can make a difference.

Keep your house tidy

It is very important that your house is tidy for both the photos and the viewings. Before taking the photos and before each viewing, make sure you vacuum your home and thoroughly clean the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Don’t forget to wash your windows too; every little detail can positively surprise or deter a potential buyer.

Give visitors peace and space

You want to receive potential buyers in a spacious house that radiates tranquility. A house with a cluttered entrance hall, scattered laundry and large furniture blocking the passage makes visitors feel trapped. Make sure your home is free of clutter and any obstacles; in this way you give the potential buyer a better idea of ​​the possibilities of the house. Take pets somewhere else because a potential buyer will be less able to concentrate on the home if a dog keeps jumping or barking at him, making conversation almost impossible.

Remove personal items

It is good to know that potential buyers are not interested in furnishing your home; nine times out of ten, this is completely overhauled. You would therefore do well to remove personal objects for a viewing, such as portraits or a large canvas of your children. Research has also shown that a house becomes more attractive when the walls are painted in a light, neutral color. Many people therefore paint brightly colored walls white for sale. It often pays to engage a professional interior stylist. They can advise you well in this. You can choose to carry out their recommendations yourself or use the services of the interior stylist. Everything is aimed at achieving this with a minimal budget.

Be honest about your own home

Home sellers often think they need to cover up or conceal defects in their home. Definitely don’t do that: you have to be honest about any flaws. A notification requirement applies for this. Naturally, the buyer also has its duty to investigate.

Why sell your house on Curacao through Sun life Real Estate?

Free valuation

Do you want to sell your house on Curacao? We come by for free and without obligation to appraise your house. We have a heart for Curacao and are aware of all developments in the Curacao housing market. Because the housing market and the competitive housing supply are included in the valuation of your home, you can always be sure of a realistic asking price.

Try us now for three months for free

A good click with a real estate agent is essential for a quick and successful sale of your home on Curacao. That is why we have something unique: you can try us for free for three months. Sell your house quickly through Sun Life Real Estate Curacao

Do you want to sell your home on Curacao and are you curious how we can help you with the sale? Feel free to contact us at or call or Whatsapp to +59996862994

You can visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to have a look at our latest listings.


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