Selling a house on Curacao

18 september 2019
woning verkopen curacao

Tips for selling your house on Curacao

Selling your own home in Curacao may seem like a big hurdle to overcome. But it is really just a matter of following the tips below from Sun Life Real Estate.

Clean up

Nobody likes clutter. Certainly not a potential home buyer: he should have to look through as little as possible. So make sure your home is tidy. A first impression, but you only once.

Provide space

In line with this: for “big junk” you would be wise to rent a storage box, or to look at family / friends / neighbors with a large garage. That table tennis table on the porch that is in the way and the unused dusty exercise bike in a bedroom that you almost break your neck about every time can be gone. This creates a larger-looking space, and precisely: that is what viewers love

Get it right

You really don’t have to hire painters and plasterers, but small refurbishment jobs can make a big difference. So you just do that yourself. Think, for example, of the wall in the kitchen that was once white – how much work is it to throw a lick over it? Or just screw that loose door handle tight? Right.

Get some rest

If you were to view a house, you would probably enjoy being able to do so in peace. On an open house day, there is a good chance that viewers will not be alone, so you would do well to temporarily house your children and pets with friends or family. That creates a much calmer atmosphere, which is great!

A clean house sells better

A cloth over the windows, a clean toilet seat (make sure there is toilet paper in the house!), No dust bunnies in the corner or piles of newspapers and unopened blue envelopes on the table; a clean house simply triggers warmer feelings in the viewer.

Neutralize your home

Nobody expects a VT Wonen house with no trace of character to be discovered, but reduce the personal to the minimum: no children’s drawings in every corner, walls full of photos or a laundry basket full of unfolded underwear and bras in sight.

Bad smells are taboo

We all know the cliché of the well-known apple pie scent during a viewing. You don’t necessarily have to talk to your inner Jamie Oliver, but at least make sure that “bad smells” – think: the garlic from last night’s dinner, unempty ashtrays, an unchanged litter box – are absent. Make a good pot of coffee and voila: you’re done.

Take a guided tour

There is nothing more annoying than feeling like a number. So even if it is a bit busier than you expected, take your time for each potential buyer. Preferably lead a maximum of one person (or couple) around at a time, so that you can observe quietly and there is time for questions.

Viewing? So no distraction

And while showing visitors around, make sure it’s not too noisy. Any other visitors are already causing a buzz, so leave the TV and radio off. A soft background music is allowed.

Don’t tell too much

Be enthusiastic and warm, but keep it business-like. You don’t have to lie, you don’t have to tell everything. It’s a fine line between amicable and inappropriate. So yes, tell them you are selling for divorce (if asked), but no details about your ex. So just keep it businesslike.

aan & verkoopmakelaar Curacao

Adriaan Smit – CEO of Sunlife Real Estate & agent on Curacao

Do you need help selling or renting out your house on Curacao or do you just want to know what your house is worth at the moment?

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