Should I apply for a mortgage on Curaçao?

19 november 2019
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Do you want to take out a mortgage on Curaçao? Follow these 6 steps:

1- Study the purchase agreement carefully and sign it

On Curaçao you also record the purchase of a house in a purchase contract. After signing, you still have 3 days to consider. If you include resolutive conditions in the contract, you can also withdraw if one of these conditions occurs. An example of a resolutive condition is that you are not yet sure whether you can finance the home.

2-  Find the best mortgage for your situation

Purchase agreement signed? Then it is now time for the mortgage. I keep saying it: every mortgage is different. The mortgage is completely adapted to your wishes. In terms of monthly costs, for example. Step by step, an adviser will guide you through the process. Do you find such a first mortgage interview exciting? Then I have 12 questions for you that you can ask the advisor, so you can be sure that you are well prepared. Are you ready for it? Please contact me for an appointment:

3- Have your new home appraised (and possibly an architectural inspection)

Just like in any other country, a mortgage lender in Curaçao wants to know what the house is worth. A valuation is therefore mandatory (sometimes not necessary for a new-build home). An appraiser determines the value of the home. This is also a good time for a building inspection. If you have included that as a resolutive condition in the purchase contract that the house must be technically in order and no repairs above a certain amount must take place, you can cancel the purchase if a lot of overdue maintenance is found.

4- Find all the documents together

As soon as you have chosen a mortgage lender, the real paperwork comes. You have to provide a whole series of documents. For example, your ID, salary slips, proof of equity and any loans, the purchase contract and the valuation report. Often you also need a term life insurance. I’ll arrange that for you too.

5- Sign up!

While you’re picking out the paint for the bedroom and remodeling the kitchen in your mind, I’ve made everything ready for you. The mortgage lender reviews all the documents you have collected. You can deliver everything online, which saves us a lot of time. Time to sign the final offer!

6- Finally, you visit the notary

When the financing is completed, you go to the notary. There you sign the mortgage deed. That is called passing. The notary then transfers the money to the selling party. After that, the house is yours. That calls for one more champagne.

7- I know everything about your mortgage, you will too

Are you overloaded with information yet? No worries. I think along with you so that you make the right choices. I take care of the calculations and an efficient process. Want to know more? Then make an appointment right away and I will explain everything. Completely free and without obligation.
Adriaan Smit +59996862994

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