Should You Buy a House in Curacao During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

17 april 2020

Also in Curacao we live in a time where almost every plan is being put on hold. Weddings, graduations, vacations, scheduled surgeries, and even basic human interaction are all at a standstill (and for good reason) due to corona-virus. But does the same logic apply for buying a house in Curacao?
At Sun Life Real Estate in Curacao, we have many tools at our disposal and we intend to use them to help our clients and partners through this. Often, some of the biggest opportunities are masked as challenges. We believe that if pursued in a safe and smart way, the same can be said for buying a property.

Why You Should Still Look Into Buying a House in Curacao

The idea of a regular part of life (like buying a house) might seem strange, if not selfish during this time. After all, thousands of people in this island are experiencing job insecurity — is buying a house show a lack of tact or compassion?
Absolutely not. In fact, buying a house can help others, as long as you still keep safety guidelines in mind. While feeling guilty might feel natural, you still have every reason to be proud and excited about the prospect of buying a house. Here are some reasons why home buying is still a good idea:

Buying a house is social distance-friendly.

Our sales process is almost exclusively online, No crowded open houses or shaking of hands necessary.

Mortgage rates are low now.

The 5 year and 10-year fixed-rate mortgage  dropped  (down to 4.50% and sometimes 4.1%), respectively. If your job is safe (or if you don’t rely on a job for income), you might not find a better time to buy. Purchasing a house right now could save you thousands of guilders in the long run.

You might be significantly helping someone out.

Our listings come from highly motivated sellers. A seller might be desperate to get out of the island, or maybe they experienced the painful, awful nature of losing their job during this time. Regardless, they’re wanting (or needing) to sell. No matter their motivations, sellers will likely be thankful that someone is buying their property in Curacao.
It’s like Corona (the beer) during this time. There’s nothing wrong with Corona beer, and yet they lost millions due to a highly unfortunate and bizarre name similarity. Their company undoubtedly wishes that people would buy their beer, business as usual. The same is true for house sellers. They might have a perfect home up for sale that would normally sell quickly, and the only reason it’s not being bought is because people are afraid to act during these unusual circumstances.

We all still need places to live.

Buying food is a necessity. Getting enough sleep is essential. Having shelter is a basic need. Especially if you’re on track to buy a house as it stands (and have no foreseeable job changes), why put things off? Buy your house now and have even more space to shelter in place.
Sun Life Real Estate  has the resources you need to safely buy a house and reach your goals. As scary as these times might be, moments of joy still exist and should not be overlooked. Babies are still being born. Couples are still getting engaged. Some people are still even getting new jobs in Curacao. As long as it’s done safely with a social distance (and financially sound) mindset, you not only can still buy a house, you should.
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