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20 juli 2019
Makelaar Curacao

You want to offer your house or business premises for sale in silent mode. What is the most important then? That your broker has a large network and treats your data confidentially, of course! Then you’ve come to the right place at Sun Life Real estate. Make an appointment without obligation with one of our brokers to discuss the approach to the silent sale of your home or business premises.

Network in and outside of Curacao

Owners of homes and commercial real estate regularly come to our office, who initially want to discreetly bring their house, business premises or building land Curacao to the attention of a select group of potential buyers or tenants. In the past 11 years we have built up a very large network. Both for the housing market, commercial real estate and building land on Curacao and other islands.

Silent sale on Curacao: action plan

Do you own an exceptional monument or other special object on Curacao, is there little hurry with the sale or do you prefer not to have your private properties appear on the internet, you are planning to get a divorce and want to sell the property first without too much to get many questions about this from your private circle, you own rented commercial real estate that is well let and do not want to run the risk that the tenants will cancel the rent because the sale of your property can result in an uncertain situation for them, then silent sale is an option for you.
During an intake interview, we will discuss with you the pros and cons and the sales procedure of a silent sale on Curacao. You can choose, for example, not to place a for sale sign in your garden and not to be visible on the internet, but for example in a brochure that we selectively distribute.

Are you interested in a silent sale or rental of your home or business premises on Curacao or are you looking for something special that you cannot find anywhere, please feel free to contact us at

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