Sun Valley Village Curaçao

27 december 2023

Welcome to Sun Valley Village Curaçao – Your Home under the Sun!

Discover the joy of living in a gated resort amidst the serene and pristine Sun Valley. Sun Valley Village offers affordable entry-level homes, perfect for starters, expats, or as a second home in the sunny paradise of Curaçao. Our homes are a perfect blend of stylized Curaçaoan Baroque with a modern twist, showcased in vibrant Caribbean colors.

Features of Sun Valley Village:

1. Affordable Entry-Level Homes:
Sun Valley Village takes pride in offering affordable entry-level homes, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to own a piece of paradise in Curaçao. Whether you’re starting your career, an expat, or seeking a second home, we have the perfect place for you.

2. Curaçao Baroque with Modern Twist:
Our homes are designed with the charming and timeless Curaçao Baroque style, infused with a modern twist for a contemporary feel. Enjoy unique architecture reflecting the rich history of Curaçao, combined with the conveniences of modern living.

3. Complete Amenities:
All our homes come with every convenience you could wish for. Spacious balconies and cozy porches provide the perfect spots to relax and enjoy the stunning views. Additionally, each home has its own parking space, ensuring easy access to your home.

4. Beautiful Landscaping:
Sun Valley Village is surrounded by beautiful landscaping, giving the resort a green and inviting character. Explore lush gardens and well-maintained green spaces as you stroll through the resort.

5. Community Pool and Playground:
Refresh yourself in our community pool or enjoy quality time with your family at the playground. Sun Valley Village is not just a place to live but a community where you can relax and come together.

6. Variety of Home Types:

Duplex (82 m2):

– Area: 82 m2
– 2 floors
– 2 bedrooms
– 1 bathroom
– 1 guest toilet
– Living room with open kitchen and breakfast bar
– Porch (side or rear)
– Balcony
– 2 parking spaces

Corner House (128 m2):

– Area: 128 m2
– 2 floors
– 3 bedrooms, each with built-in wall closets
– 2 bathrooms
– 1 guest toilet
– Spacious living room with open kitchen
– Laundry room
– Front balcony
– Backyard
– 2 parking spaces

Experience the comfort and efficiency of our homes, ranging from duplexes to exclusive corner houses. Only 20 duplexes and 3 corner houses available, so act fast!

Want to know more about living in Sun Valley Village?

Sign up and stay informed about the latest news and developments surrounding Sun Valley Village. We invite you to be part of our community and discover what makes living under the sun in Curaçao so special. Experience the carefree lifestyle in our gated resort, surrounded by the warmth of the sun and the cheerful colors of Curaçao. Find your home under the sun and embrace the good life at Sun Valley Village.

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