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Request a free appraisal report of your property

Have you ever wondered about the value of your property on Curacao? In practice, it appears that many owners do not make a realistic estimate of the value of their house. Some people overestimate the value of their own home or commercial property, while others underestimate the potential asking price and thereby miss out on a profitable sale. Fortunately, this scenario can easily be prevented by requesting a free valuation report from a broker.

Free appraisal report of your property

What type of home do you have?

Your home can be worth more than you think

If you search on the internet every day for new objects on the housing market in Curacao, there is a chance that you have been looking for a dream house for a long time already. Just a pity that the asking price is so high and that the sale of your own home is not enough to compensate for the difference … But is that true? Before you make this conclusion, it is wise to first seek advice from an experienced professional.

Every broker on Curacao can tell you that the asking price of a home is certainly not indicative of the final selling price. By negotiating firmly on your behalf, a sales broker can save you up to tens of thousands of guilders. In addition, he can issue a free valuation of your house, so that you may be able to sell it for a higher price than previously thought.

A free valuation is not the same as an appraisal report

A free valuation sketches a good picture of the value of your home on Curacao. It is important to realize that it is of course not an official appraisal report. With an appraisal by an accredited appraiser you will receive an appraisal report, which you can use for a mortgage application at a bank Such a financial party requires an appraisal report in almost all cases.

However, a free valuation is more than enough for your personal purposes. Based on a visit at your property, a real estate agent determines the value of your home and explains to you which selling price isrealistic in the current market on Curacao. This way you not only get a representative picture of a possible asking price, but you also save the costs for an appraisal report by an appraiser.

Tips from a broker to get a higher price

Is there still a financial gap before you can buy your next home? Then your broker can also give you tips to increase the value of your home. Based on several simple styling recommendations, most simple things are for example, redecorating your living room, paint the exterior of the property, redesign your garden and create additional parking spaces or shade there. Your broker knows exactly the selling points that potential buyers are looking for when they are in process in purchasing a property on Curacao.

It will surprise you how much higher the bids from potential buyers are due to these seemingly simple interventions. Of course, you can also invest some more time and money and completely replace that old kitchen or bathroom. Whichever choice you make; everything starts with a free valuation by your broker.

Interested in the value of your property on Curacao and the possibilities of increasing it? Then contact us now!

What's my home worth?

What type of home do you have?