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Bapor Kibra, Willemstad, Curaçao

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Scherpenheuvel Curacao

Scherpenheuvel Curacao

Scherpenheuvel Curacao is a centrally located neighborhood between the neighborhoods of Santa Rosa, Seru Lora & Montana. This neighborhood is known for its green and hilly landscape. there are various horticulture and other businesses such as the Amigo publishing house, damage repair company Scherpenheuvel, volkswagen Curacao, audi Curacao, Renault Curacao, and also the colossal former […]

Pricing on land in Curacao

Pricing on land in Curacao

Land prices on Curacao Land prices on Curacao have risen enormously in recent years, where, for example, in the popular neighborhoods of Jan Thiel and Brakkeput about 5 years ago, people could purchase for NAF 100 per square meter, depending on the location, the prices sometimes increased to NAF 250 per square meters for a […]